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Vessel inspections will be based on the International Maritime Contractors Association Common Marine Inspection Document.

Two days onboard should be budgeted for inspections of survey or support vessels of greater than 500 Gross tons. Inspections will only be extended to three or more days onboard after consultation with the client.

Smaller support vessels less than 500 Gross tons may be completed within one day (12 hours onboard the vessel) if the IMCA Small Boat Checklist is utilised in place of the CMID format.

If communications allow an interim report giving an overview of the inspection and any urgent observations noted will be given to the client either by email or verbally by phone on the evening of the final day of the inspection.  All observations will be agreed with the Master before the auditor leaves the vessel.

The final inspection report will be delivered by email in pdf format within 48 hours of the auditor returning to his home base.

Note: Photography in some ports is not permitted, in these instances the report will be text based only.


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